Strategy: Lizzi Perkins
Creative: David Shum / Jordan Larsen / Timmy Bates
(In all honesty, we each did everything.)
The 2017 Collegiate Effie competition was sponsored by IBM Watson. As a team, we were tasked to transform this business-to-business tool into a consumer-friendly tool. We were specifically challenged to target older teenagers (16-18) and young adults (18-26). 
IBM Watson was and is the most mind-blowing technology I have ever learned about. Its capabilities are far beyond what I imagined and what I had experienced with Siri and Google. So we decided to turn it into the all-round personal assistant, Watson Life. 
Our original submission video:
Not to brag, but we were selected to be one of two teams to fly to New York to present our idea to the IBM Watson team. 
And finally, we were also awarded as the 2017 Collegiate Effie winners!
Portions of our deck when we presented in New York:
A video we showed during our presentation:
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