About Me
Personal Life
According to this Wikipedia article, I'm what they call a third culture kid or TCK for short (there are books written about us). Essentially, TCKs are misfits that find themselves in between cultures. 
I was born in Hong Kong and attended a British international school until I was 10 (so up until then I spoke with a British accent). From then, I moved to Taiwan, back to Hong Kong, then to Singapore, then to Utah for college while spending two years in Australia in between. Meanwhile, I lost the British accent as I spent the rest of my time in American international schools. Between the western international schools and local Asian culture, I find myself between cultures, perhaps the best of both worlds.
My Other Life
In advertising, I love the thinking and the "concepting". According to a professor of mine, "concept is king", and I've tried to live by that rule. Behind the pretty pictures and well written words, the idea behind it all is what I find most important. 
If only there was a "concepter", but since there isn't I consider myself a copywriter. I find myself dabbling in design, art and illustration so go on, explore and check out my ideas!
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1. I find cutting my nails remarkably relaxing.
2. I play Ultimate Frisbee for BYU. It's much more than throwing a flat piece of plastic around.  
3. I speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English fluently. 
4. Superheroes bring out my inner geek.
5. I entertain the idea of being a full-time ice cream truck driver as a potential career.
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